25 Things You Didn’t Know About Money!04:12

Published on October 11, 2017

25 Things You Didn’t Know About Money!

• How much money is there in the world?

• Which is the most expensive thing ever built?

• Where did money come from?

25 Things You Didn’t Know About Money!

We love money! We work hard to get it, spend it fast, always on the chase for more. As the famous lyrics say: money makes the world go round! But for something we use so frequently we know very little about. Let’s see how many of these you already knew!

1. 90% of the US dollar bills contain traces of cocaine!

2. The first Credit Card was created because of the embarrassment of a man who had to pay for dinner but forgot his wallet.

3. US Debt is 10 times larger than the US dollars in circulation.

4. All US$ coins and bills in circulation today are worth US$1.2 trillion.

5. Two thirds of that money is held overseas.

6. Paper money originated in China 1400 years ago.

7. Changing the $1 bill into a $1 coin would save the US 4.4 Billion in the next 30 years.

8. More Monopoly money is printed every year than actual money.

9. A study shows that the key to happiness is to spend money on experiences instead of things! We’ve talked about this in one of our videos, we’ll include a link at the end of this one!

10. The total amount of money in the world adds up to around $75 Trillion. Divide that by the entire population and you get $10,000 for everyone out there.

11. The International Space Station is the Most Expensive Thing to ever be built costing 150 Billion dollars!

12. McDonalds makes about $75 Million per day.

13. Apple earns $325,000 per minute!

14. Only 1 woman out of the 20 richest women in the world earned her wealth, the others either inherited it or enjoy it from their husbands.

15. Drug lord Pablo Escobar had so much money that rats eat $1 Billion of his cash every year!

16. If he were to spend $1 Million every day, it would take Bill Gates 218 years to go through his fortune.

17. A study in the US shows that 2 out of 3 inherited family fortunes are lost by the new generation.

18. Arguing about money is the main predictor of divorce.

19. Living Presidents are banned from having their faces on currency in the US.

20. Gambling generates more money than Movies, Spectator Sports, Recorded Music, Theme Parks and Cruise Ships COMBINED!

21. The largest counterfeiter of US currency is North Korea.

22. In 1928 hyperinflation caused German currency to lose almost all its value, down to a point where people gave it to their kids to play with or used it as wallpaper.

23. The name of the new Philippines president was misspelled on the 100peso note.

24. In 2005 Tennessee required drug dealers to pay taxes anonymously on any illegal substances they sold. It was named the “Crack tax”.

25. More people have fantasies about money than sex.


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